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Holiday seminars

The combination of vacation and work or vice versa is perfectly possible at the Domaine de Segonne. Here you can offer absolutely professional seminars in the newly expanded seminar room with the latest technology and at the same time offer the participants the feeling of relaxation and vacation.

We offer you two rooms for the seminars. You can work in our yurt with wooden floor or in our new seminar room with projector, big screen, whiteboard and much more. The seminar room is optimally adapted to the climatic requirements of the seminar group by means of a heating/cooling ceiling.

With a catering service, we are happy to assist you in the perfect arrangement of a seminar day on the evening terrace with a wonderful wine from our region of Malepere.

It is also conceivable that seminar participants come here with family members and thus the connection between work and family becomes possible. The individual apartments preserve the privacy of the family.

We are happy to plan the seminars and accommodations together with you

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